Support and Maintenance

Sometimes people have websites created by a web designer or a friend and over time that person is no longer able to maintain the website for whatever reason; maybe they have a different job or are too busy or are just not interested in web design any more.  This can be a huge problem, especially if you are left with a website which you can’t update or move forward.  If you find yourself in that position, I’m more than happy to speak to you about how I might be able to assist.

I have taken over a number of websites that have been created by other people.  Some of them I make alterations to, as and when required, others I only host as they are updated by their owners through a content management system, but I’m always available to call on if something goes wrong.  Whatever your requirement, I will do my best to help.  I offer speedy turnarounds with the majority of minor updates being completed within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

I offer support and maintenance to all the sites that I create.

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Hosting only

Every website needs hosting.  This is the process where the files that make up your website are stored on a computer and served up to the internet, so that the world can view your pages.

If you already have a website, or you are in the process of creating one yourself and all you need is hosting, then maybe that is something that I can help you with?

I have a reseller account with one of the most respected companies in the industry.  I have found them to be a very reliable company in terms of limited downtime and they provide great customer service too.

For an annual fee, I can provide web hosting and email on your domain.  You will have your own ftp password/s for managing your site.