There are so many complications in the world, having a website shouldn’t be one of them!

Would your business benefit from having a presence on the internet? Do you want to embrace the world of ecommerce? Maybe you have an existing website that no longer serves your needs?

Are you confused by the internet and are not really sure why it could benefit you? Is all the jargon a bit confusing? Do you think that a website would be really expensive?

Whatever you are considering, why not get in touch and find out if I can help you?

I can help clarify things for you and explain things in easy to understand terms and what’s more, my sites are very reasonably priced.

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meI am a sole trader and I am based in The Gower Peninsula, Swansea, South Wales. I fell in love with Gower in 1989 when I came here to camp as a Guide near Oxwich. We found that Gower had something very special to offer us and we returned nearly every year for our camp. Nine years later I was blessed in being able to make this wonderful place my home.

In 1997, after studying for three years I attained an Honours degree in Information Technology and Spanish at The University of Glamorgan. I then worked for nearly five years for a software house that developed Oracle based systems as the Oracle Database Administrator. Through the course of my job I was constantly being told that “The internet is changing everything” and as a tech-chick, I thought that it was about time that I hit the web. The rest, they say, is history.

Gower Holidays I now run Gower Holidays, the largest advertising site of holiday accommodation in Gower and I have created a number of other sites along the way. These can be found in my portfolio.

I believe that I offer great customer service, at competitive prices, with speedy turnarounds, as updates need making quickly. I hope that all of my clients would feel able to agree with that.